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Reading Between the Lines: A Memoir by Janis Paige

Legendary entertainer Janis Paige has written an awe-inspiring memoir rich with star-studded stories from her illustrious seven decades as an actress, singer and dancer. Delving deeply, Ms. Paige reveals a poignant, witty and profoundly personal journey of self-revelation alongside her rise to Hollywood stardom — from growing up poor during the Great Depression to being "discovered" at the famed Hollywood Canteen to the triumphs, losses and laughs of a long and highly successful globetrotting career that spanned movies, vaudeville, Broadway, nightclubs, television series and soap operas with many of the most famous talents in the world, including Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Henry Fonda, Clark Gable, Lucille Ball, Sammy Davis Jr. and many more.

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